Historical Renovation

Historical buildings are a great way to learn from our ancestor’s past. But are they long-lasting? With McKinney Custom Home Builder’s historical renovation, we renovate your historical buildings. We turn historical buildings into timeless classics, which anyone can enjoy. McKinney Custom Homes have proven to be one of the industry’s leading historical renovators.

If you’re a curator or city official, McKinney Custom Homes is the perfect choice for your next historical renovation. We also offer a delightful lighting control feature to your historical renovations. This will provide the perfect lighting for showing off your exceptional historical building.

You can be at ease that your historical renovation will be cost-effective and budget-friendly. We utilize the latest incentive of the HNIZ program brought to you by the officials of McKinney, TX. The HNIZ program was created to help preserve the city’s unique and historic neighborhoods while encouraging property owners to maintain and/or rehabilitate their residences. Click here for more info.

Take a look at a few of our happy customers for their historical renovations:

I was hired to be a curator for one of the oldest buildings in McKinney, TX. I contacted McKinney Custom Homes and they took care of every detail. We definitely recommend them for your next renovation.

Hank T.

I’ve always loved the oldest bakery in McKinney, TX. Being established back in the early 1920s, it was scheduled for demolition. Working with the community, we were able to declare it as a historical landmark. I hired McKinney Custom Homes to do a historic renovation. Now we set up tours for all the kids to see what a bakery was like back in the 1920s. I’m so happy!

Juliet P.

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