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Our team of architects and professional builders have continued to show off their craftsmanship for over 25 years. They do this by providing luxury custom estates to hundreds of our happy customers. It all started with a team’s vision to provide comfortable dream homes to those who never thought they could afford it.

How it Started

It was the dream of McKinney Custom Homes’ team to create budget-friendly dream homes that offer state-of-the-art smart home technology. They started with buying a simple house that needed a great deal of renovation. With the help of their architects the team started renovating their first house. After turning it around and selling it to a small family, their 10 year old child shouted, “OMG! This is my dream home!!!” McKinney Custom Homes continued to renovate houses and it grew to renovations for commercial buildings.

After being recognized by the city of McKinney, TX, the renovation team was hired for a historical renovation. Which set them off on their next endeavor. McKinney Custom Homes took time out to learn more about historical renovations and preservations. After being certified, they started to advertise publicly their new service. Since then, McKinney Custom Homes have received 20 historical renovations projects.

In today’s day and age, McKinney Custom Homes realized that their was a growing need for smart home technology. McKinney Custom Homes brought out a new team dedicated to computer science and technology. Smart home technologies are now included in their renovations., not just in the custom new homes.

After several people enjoyed the renovations by McKinney Custom Homes, the requests for custom homes rose. Today, they have become the leaders of the design and build of custom homes for McKinney, TX.

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McKinney Custom Homes

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