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Historical Renovations:

The HNIZ program was created to help preserve the city’s unique and historic neighborhoods while encouraging property owners to maintain and/or rehabilitate their residences.

Have you been searching everywhere for the perfect dream home to call your own? Why settle for a standard cookie-cutter home for a dream home? Instead, let one of our extraordinary architects to design the details that you’re looking for in a custom home. We will make sure that your very own personalized home will be within budget and comfortable.
Let’s not stop at the custom home, consider landscaping. Picture yourself walking out onto your prestigious yard to pick up the morning paper or getting the mail. Allow this industry-leading custom home builder to revolutionize your landscaping.

About McKinney Custom Homes

Our team of architects and professional builders have continued to show off their craftsmanship for over 25 years. They do this by providing luxury custom estates to hundreds of our happy customers. It all started with a team’s vision to provide comfortable dream homes to those who never thought they could afford it.

It was the dream of McKinney Custom Homes’ team to create budget-friendly dream homes that offer state-of-the-art smart home technology…

Serving McKinney, TX for over 25 years

Our Services


Our architects enjoy designing extraordinary estates that are perfect for your family. We provide Interior designs that are an eminent representative of how prestigious the custom home truly is. These designs are of the highest quality.


The team at McKinney Custom Homes strives to build long-lasting custom homes that are cost-effective for today’s family. We offer a state-of-the-art HVAC System for every custom home build. In every master bedroom, you’ll find a traditional masonry fireplace, state-of-the-art technology, and so much more.


You might be thinking it’s time to move, cause you’re tired of looking at the same old house day in and day out. What if there was a place that can give you your luxury dream home from your current one? Our team at McKinney Custom homes can turn your home into a prestigious home with our renovations. Enjoy Smart home technology, a traditional masonry fireplace and even floor heating when you choose us.


Every business could use a long-lasting commercial building. Our 20+ years of experience has set us up for just that. McKinney Custom Homes provides a state-of-the-art HVAC System, lighting control and industry-leading smart home technology. With this and more, your business can show off its professionalism. Don’t just choose a builder that’ll give you standard work. Choose McKinney Custom Homes who can give you the highest quality of work and the performance to back it up.

Historical Renovation

Historical buildings are a great way to learn from our ancestor’s past. But are they long-lasting? With McKinney Custom Home Builder’s historical renovation, we renovate your historical buildings. We turn historical buildings into timeless classics, which anyone can enjoy. McKinney Custom Homes have proven to be one of the industry’s leading historical renovators. Call today for your first consultation. You can be at ease that your historical renovation will be cost effective and budget friendly.

Smart Home Technology

McKinney Custom Homes’ smart home technology is state-of-the-art and budget-friendly. We offer a whole-house entertainment system that allows everyone to enjoy music or a podcast anywhere in the house. The lighting control that we offer can set the mood for any occasion. With the floor heating that you can control with your smart device, you’ll always have comfortable feet. Thanks to our industry-leading smart home technology, our luxury custom homes are considered of the highest quality in McKinney, TX.

Our customers love us, take a look at what they have to say

I can’t believe that I live in my newly renovated house. I can’t stop thinking, ‘this is my house!’ It’s so comfortable and exceptional. Thank you McKinney Custom Homes!

Henrietta C.

My company was in a bind and I didn’t know who we were going with for our designs of our newest building. We called McKinney Custom Homes and their architects were exceptional. A definite recommend.

John H.

My wife and I are so thankful for McKinney Custom Homes! They gave us our dream home that was extremely cost-effective. We are still amazed at all the little details. You should hire them ASAP for your custom home.

George P.

I’m a curator and I was in charge of overseeing the renovation of one of our town’s oldest buildings. McKinney Custom Homes took care of the historic renovation and turned it into a long-lasting building. The town is confident that it’ll become a timeless classic.

Tonya J.

Our company chose McKinney Custom Homes to build and design our latest commercial building. They created a state-of-the-art building that’s extraordinary and exceptional. We now even have smart home technology, that our employees love and adore.

Julie B.

So I was always worried about turning my current dream home into a smart home. You could blame it on all the sci-fi that I watched growing up. But turns out, I love it. McKinney Custom Homes gave me floor heating that is so comfortable. They installed a whole house entertainment system and lighting that I can control with my phone. It’s sooooo cool!!!

Josh K.

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